Not everyone has big dreams, but everyone wants to be successful.

Maybe you see yourself moving into a mansion, perhaps you want to be a famous entrepreneur or simply send your kids to college and retire while you can still enjoy your best years.


Whether you want to be featured in the media for your startup brand or making your first six figures from your business, you can use the power of visualization to make your dreams of success a reality.

Envision your own success
How to envision your own success


  1. Picture Yourself Winning

Just wanting to be successful isn’t enough. You have to be able to taste your success. Picture yourself being offered that promotion, being congratulated by friends and family, seeing your new business cards.

Make your success as real and detailed as you can. How good does it feel?


  1. Find Your Trigger

Finding your own personal success trigger can be a powerful way to keep the momentum going and your energy high. Write down your big goal, whether it’s winning an Oscar or scholarship, or running your own business. Make it a positive statement that is straightforward and concise. For example, “I will be promoted to Vice President next year.”

Look at your trigger statement every day. Maybe make it your computer wallpaper or your smartphone’s lock screen.

When Jim Carrey was a young actor trying to make it big, he famously wrote himself a $10million check dated far into the future. When that day came, he was offered $10million for his role in Dumb and Dumber.

Remember that story when you see your trigger statement and think of how good it will feel to achieve your goal.

  1. Create A Vision Board

Vision boards help to make your dreams concrete. You can use pictures, photos, affirmations, and quotes to create a picture of the life you want.

A vision board can be a poster, a Pinterest board, a whiteboard, or a journal. Make you sure you keep your vision board where you can see it every day and add to it when you need to or when you find a new photo or quote that really speaks to you.

  1. Feed Your Dream

You can make your visualization even more potent by nourishing it with positivity. Don’t put all the good feelings in the future but feed your dream with happy memories. Think of times when you felt happy, successful, and content with your life.

These positive images reinforce to your mind that you have already proven you can have a happy, fulfilled life. Keep negativity at bay by reminding yourself that you have done it, you are doing it, you can do it!

Just remember, it also takes planning and hard work to make a dream happen. Putting mindset, motivation and careful calculation together create the magic that turns ideas into reality.


So tell me, what does success look like to you? Where would you live? What would you be doing on the weekends? ?


-????? ??????


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The number one step to take is to DECIDE to take action and go all in. There’s no going back at this moment. For the ones ready to take their business to the next level this year, I have the tools you need to get you there.


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