Learn How to Build a Smarter Sales Funnel in 30 Minutes

The tool that I use here is called Ultrafunnels, I’m just gonna get straight to it because I really want to prove that you can build something in 30 minutes, so that’s why we’re gonna go ahead and just get into it.

Don’t have the time to DIY?

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Landing Page Vs. Website

Here is where you can check out my landing page: Businessgrowthctr.com

This one is built off of wordpress.

So with wordpress, we can also build landing pages if you use a builder, it’s a lot easier. This one’s using Elementor so this is the landing page for my apps and this app is for business owners to do lead generation and so you can see it’s simple with the landing page, you’re gonna want it to be very simple straight to the point, you’re gonna have to do a call to action, which is the button down here, get access.

You’ll see in the side menu I have a workbook where I talk about the funnel, So that way, you know, what is it that we’re talking about when I say funnel.

My business workbook for client attraction, it’s really just getting out your ideas in your head. That way your content is matching exactly what your clients want to see. And so that way you’re really creating like the the experience for them to convert from strangers into clients.

So that way you’re converting like those leads into sales, they’re not just leaving and then you’ll never hear back from them, right?

When you’re trying to attract clients and then they just don’t end up buying

**If you want just a pdf version, you can get that for free on kindle or you can just get it here as well, you can download it through.

Business development expert for service based biz and brands scaling to the next level to make more sales and money

A bit about me…

I’m a marketing expert, been working with businesses for more than seven years.
Really trying. At first I’ve worked with small businesses to just test strategies, but now I work with bigger businesses and nonprofits, all kinds of businesses. You can get the pdf for me if you’d like.





Okay, so there’s a couple of parts to the funnel which is attracting attracting people and also converting with your content and then closing people. With my workbook you can really walk through like how you’re gonna be planning your content and all that.
Okay, so this is a nurture flow whenever you’re doing your content, the first part about your funnel is going to be attracting the clients, how are you going to?


Attract Leads

We’re trying to attract leads. So with content, that’s how you’re going to do that.


Nurture Connection

And then the second part of the funnel is this one the nurture.
what you’re going to do in the nurture is you’re going to be converting
pretty much selling also educating.

So it’s gonna be more of the part where you’re doing the email campaign, if you have an email campaign built for it or if you have any type of follow up material, like educational content, like lead magnet, that’s how you’re going to attract leads is through lead magnets. The lead magnets don’t always have to be free.

That can be low price, just a way that people get to learn how you work, how you think as a business owner.
And so that’s really the best way.

So this is the nurture flow that I’m talking about. This is the second step of the funnel.
And then the last part is the conversion.


Convert to Client

So this is when you’re doing the sale closing the sale with something. Your call-to-action. That’s when they say C. T. A. Is because it’s Call-To-Action.

What it would look like if your nurture flow would look like something like an email, or or a text message, social media, some type of engagement.But what you can automate through your funnel through this one that I’m looking at is emails.
So then what you’re gonna want to have, what you need for your funnel.


So those are those three parts of the funnel, but what you what you need, like you will need an email campaign if you want to have that. That way it’s automated, you’re automating the communication to your clients and also you might want to have a schedule er for social media. So that you’re not always having to be on there, you don’t want to have to be on social media all the time.

Everybody has to have balance, so you want to make sure you do that by scheduling some whatever you can, so then this is just what it looks like an example.

So of course you’re gonna see a lot more, like if you’re just selling a low ticket, like a necklace, it might not be this complicated, you might just want to share a coupon, you might just want to share some type of little freebie that you add into the package.

Like for example if you sell a necklace, you’ll get a matching set of earrings, or something like that. That’s your your lead magnet because it’s some type of offer that is really going to be a no brainer. No brainer because they’re not giving too much.
a lot of times it’s just an exchange for DM or in exchange for an email.

Or I also recommend now that you take cellphone numbers because text marketing is very very powerful.
Text marketing is very direct and it’s more proactive, so take note of that and that’s just what I’m gonna show you through.
This is my app, the back end of my app (see video) *Or get access to the app here*

You could build a website on there, A mini website. I have lots of useful tools on here and one of them is to build a mini website.

If you don’t have a website because what you’ll notice is that my landing page is built on WordPress, but a WordPress website will take you if you’re already experienced in it, it will take you weeks if you’re not a pro. When I first started as a virtual assistant, it was taking me months, it was taking me a couple of months to to hash out one website. But as you build up the skills and you know what you’re doing, you’re just getting faster at it.


Easier Than WordPress

What I’m going to teach you is a technology where you will be able to do this yourself. It’s called ultra funnels and it uses artificial intelligence to build landing pages. What’s cool about this is it is like click funnels.

So if you’re familiar with funnel building already click funnels is very similar, but the difference is with this you’re buying the software and click funnels, you’re buying a membership, you’re paying every month and that’s the biggest difference.

A lot of people don’t like to have to be tied into a service forever.

if you have something that works, you’re not gonna want to change it so you’re gonna have to pay click funnels forever.
some people don’t want to commit to that because it does get pricey, they do have a free trial but it does get pricey in the long term if you’re doing the math.

Even with for example I’ll do the math of Wix because Wix is a good website builder on D. I. Y. But then it’s above $15 per month. But the basic plan is 15 times 12. So even so that the website is still costing you something 180.
So this is a good way to build a bunch of landing pages.

You can connect domain names to them if you need domain names.

Domain Names: Your Own Custom URL

I like to go to go daddy dot com for domain names. It’s simple as just if you’re looking for something for example, I want to just the landing page. With this funnel building software, it actually supposed to be less than 10 minutes to build one.

But I said 30 because I knew I wanted to talk about the funnel building and give you some tips about it. And also other tools besides just that one.

If you’re a pro, you’re gonna want to work on WordPress because WordPress is obviously a lot more customizable.

But if you want to have a lot more control and you’re not a pro your this is your business. You want to be able to hatch out landing pages whenever you want. Then ultra funnels is great.

So I’m gonna build the funnel page that will be about this new program. We’re building for schools and it’s gonna be for high schools. I don’t know the name of it yet. But let’s say I wanted to do that, so high school. Yeah high school, mental health,
I’m just showing you the process of how you would get a domain name.

It’s obviously taken. And in that case, you can also look for other variations like dot org. If your nonprofit that’s still taken dot co if you just want to do a brand name dot io if you’re doing an app, thanks, these are just the other ones, ai if it’s some type of technology, you know, but this is not some type of technology.

I will look for the domain name eventually, but I just wanted to walk you through that part.


Then what we would do is you would go ahead and go to launch funnel assistance and this is supposed to talk, because it’s giving me feedback. So it asks you which, which is your goal for this funnel Okay. Just to keep it simple.
So for this final, I’m not exactly selling something.

Right now we’re just going to spread information, it’s going to be more to generate subscribers, I guess because we’re just going to be sharing information for now.

What kind of business is it for this one that I’m doing it, they’re a non profit Mental health nonprofit organization. And so they have a local business, although they do that this program they’re building is we were planning on making it national so that it’s gonna be like a program that we’re gonna be able to reproduce. It’s gonna have workbooks and online course, it’s gonna have a lot of materials for the high school students and also for the staff members to be able to, identify mental health issues to also be able to take care of their own mental health issues because teachers and staff members are burning out right now.

There’s no nonprofit option. I’m just gonna go with local business and what do I want to create? So what I’m creating is I want to just give information for now are I’m in talks with the mayor of the city where the nonprofit was founded. She’s ready to hear a proposal, but no one knows anything about it. What I’m trying to create some type of information page.

And let me see local business. Landing page, possibly landing page. A landing page just to keep it simple.
And because that’s usually how you start the funnel, I’ll show you.

Here’s what the funnel looks like:

Okay, so the first part of the funnel is, the visitors are the leads, These are the people that are strangers that don’t know you.
So what the goal is here, you have to be where they can find you, you have to be where they, they can pretty much find your content or your products and be like, yes, this is exactly what I need.

So great website would do that because the website is just the base. It also does prove that you’re a real business now.
People are worried about doing business online because of the fact that there are so many scammers nowadays.
So there, it is very important that you still have a website and you do still have a facebook page.

But landing page is a good way to get around it in the meanwhile because like I said, a lot of times website takes a while to build a lot of times facebook pages take a lot of time to, build your first hundred subscribers.

If you want to get a boost, of course, make sure you share that facebook page with your network first.

Don’t be shy to share your facebook company page with your family.

And I know it’s it’s a lot of people have mentioned before and I talk about this all the time that we don’t get a lot of support as business owners. Even from our own family members or friends, we get shy, but no, we can’t be like that. Okay if that’s what pays our bills. We can’t be embarrassed to make a living.

Okay, so I encourage you to go ahead and share your facebook page if you haven’t already with the people that That you love, the people that you know your friends and family and network and that’s how you get your first 100.
how you get from here to here is trust, you’re gonna want to create trust and then build that bridge leads then to customers to convert, which was the second part right here.

The conversion, I must tell that.

Okay and then using the web to get customers to purchase again, I don’t just say web exactly, this is the digital marketing specific but you can use anything, you can use postcards, you can use, my husband has a landscaping business, he has like little slips, he puts inside the invoices that way they can see anything any offers, any new bundle services, all that.

So this is Finding 1 to push the green Button, it’s going to go ahead and find a good a good funnel for you.
So what it has is it already has done for you already built funnels and what I like about this versus other ones is it already includes pictures.

It does include some stock photos. If you’re a real estate agent, they don’t have pictures of houses that don’t have pictures and maps. If you’re a plumber, you know, obviously the hardware and things like that, which makes cuts down the time, a lot of getting of getting that.

But another thing you’re gonna want to have is pictures of your products or service and you because remember the a lot of times people rather work with small businesses because they know they’re helping you.

So make sure you don’t forget that and you put that in there and so let’s see and need more space.

I’m just gonna pick something that looks good enough because what I want to also talk to you about is that it’s not about perfection. I’m a perfectionist. So for me, my even my husband and my son always get very frustrated and mad with me because they think I always want and I do always kind of want everything perfect.

I try not to be, but I have to fight it and so that’s when another thing is, it would take me a long time to launch things and I wouldn’t really get the momentum, It wasn’t the same.

So once I started doing it the other way was just just launched already and then perfect as you go, improve as you go, that that things started working out a whole lot better campaigns would go better.

Then I just kept to that, Although I do a lot of improvements as and whenever I have time, I’ll go ahead and just start trying to do something about it.

It’s obviously not gonna be exactly what I need, but it makes it a lot easier to just start somewhere already.
It’s because you don’t have to rebuild the wheel from scratch every time I know how to code websites from code, but I don’t do it because it just takes forever and you really don’t want to just do that
This is what that one looks like.

You’re going to want to add your own branding, So that’s another thing that you’re gonna want to have to, you’re on brand Okay so you’re gonna want your logo finding a home for your family.

So here you just put like some type of question and here’s where you talk about your lead magnet or some type of resources.
You see you just switch out the things here, you would just switch out everything that the icon to, something that would be for you, the picture of you, this would be a good picture for you and then the benefits.
Although if you saw my landing page is not that long, it’s not this long.
So I recommend you also just go ahead edit and pretty much take off some of these because the more text you have you’re creating more confusion you’re really just elongating the sales process.


The shorter the better this is just coming from my experience.

I didn’t talk about that at the beginning but I have experience of, more than seven years, I have sales experience of 15 years because when I started sales, it was way back in my first jobs, you know I was working at T. J.
Maxx selling jewelry and I was really really good at it.
Even people would go and ask for me or if I wasn’t there, they would say well when is she gonna be there?
So that way I can come back at that time.
And I’ve also helped other specific entrepreneurs for example someone who built an actual startup incubator here in California.
she helps other startups get funding.
So if you need any help for that, I can connect you with her.
This is the one for the nonprofit.
She has her nonprofit and all her therapists are booked out, although I’m not too proud to say that because that just means that there’s so much need.
That’s why we’re building this landing page and and this program for, schools to also get help for for teens because we’ve actually identified that as one of the biggest groups besides marriage counseling is also teen counseling because there’s a big increase in anxiety and depression I have also helped financial people.
These are some of the products I have, this is an audit for your brand and this is something if you’re barely barely starting.
If you don’t have any of this, you might want to start here. This is starting the business checklist.
I’ve also worked for bigger brands like Kaiser Permanente,
It is a big healthcare brand over here on the west coast, I’ve been featured in the media and also I did also get the 40 under 40 most influential last year because of the work that I’ve been doing with the nonprofit, so I know what I’m talking about and this is what I’m gonna walk you through.
Is that on the back end you’re gonna want to have an auto responder?
This one,
active campaign is a good one to set up your emails because it connects here, I’ll show you once you change everything to your brand, you do your thank you page you want it to match as well.
here you might want to put links to your blog link to your website.
Follow me on social media, be proactive about this. Thank you.
Page and up sell And Upsell would be good up selling to the next level up or down selling something smaller.
it works out too.
what I want to show you is the back end is the auto responder.
That’s where you connect this one.
Active campaign, because that’s the one that’s gonna be connected.
And that’s the one that’s gonna be sending out the emails if you have emails if you want to do text marketing, text marketing, you could also do that through my app.
Even if you don’t want to share your number.
I’ll show you how inbox messages because there’s there’s a texting feature here in my app and it gives you your own here.
It is. Alright. It pretty much gives you your own, text messaging system and they use that for marketing.
that way they don’t have to share any of the team member’s phone number.
You connect your auto responder here in case you have mail chimp, get response Send grid.
that first information, page, something that says what our program is gonna be about.
We want to have motivational speakers, we want to show them, how to relieve stress with other methods like yoga, music, dancing.
We wanna show them how to prepare for the real world.
So that is what we’re gonna be sharing.
I use Active campaign it’s in my app, you’re gonna be able to see all my solutions on there how I help businesses.
But I have a toolkit with five of these tools.
If you want access to this lead generation toolkit, let me know just drop it in a message to me on facebook and you’ll see that here, you can get, the scheduler is for social media here, you can get access to other things.
So here was the text messaging service.
that one’s free as well Active campaign, you can even get a free trial for two weeks.
So if you’re ready to start writing your own emails, pretty much you can get all these and start doing it already.
And this Ultra funnel captures your leads here.
It has tutorials of course it’s walking more deeply what it is that way you get to actually just do it side by side.
I just wanted to give you more tips that would be useful.
Even if you don’t plan on using ultra funnels, another one that I would tell you if you go back to to any website, my website is strategic Growth XP dot com.
I’ll just take one more minute to tell you the most important thing when people go onto a website or a landing page, is this the first thing they see, It’s called “Above the Fold” down here is the fold.
So you want to make sure that everything up here is valuable.
It’s the biggest call to action that you have.
That’s because most people will not even scroll down, Less than 50% of people scroll down to see the other solutions.
So make sure the first part is just really attractive and you can go to my website.
If you need any help growing your business, you can just go on there and you can start getting clients on autopilot.
You know, if you don’t want to do everything on your own or if you need some help doing it, you just come over here and let me know which one are you brand new or if you’re going.
So this is this as long as I can make this.
I wanted to give you as much value as I could.
But you can go ahead and get this here, this attraction workbook, get the link to the Amazon here on my website.
Business growth ctr.com You pretty much just go on my website and then it’s on the side menu.
Or top menu if you’re on the phone. You’re gonna want to do the client attraction work.
Okay. And that’s where you can get that.
This is for your content planning and making sure that all your content is gonna make you money.
So that way you’re not wasting time. To me, it’s all about maximizing your time working smarter. Not harder.
This is simple. I mean you’re gonna go through tutorials to see this is the back end.
This is how you edit it.
Or you can just simply add in pre made blocks, which is why it makes it so so easy and then you just go ahead and publish and that’s it.
You get to see the rest of it back here. Domain , SEO…
You see you can also do the S. E. O. And you can also have payments.
we can probably take donations directly from there. So there you go.
Any custom code If you’re a pro check it out.
If you need help finding any of these resources let me know. And I think that’s it
pretty much, everybody. Let me see if there’s any questions maybe I can answer.


Access Lead Generation Tools in my App

The tools, the one for the lead generation. So that’s where you go to https://businessgrowthctr.com/
And then you can pretty much just go over here so let me know that you have a business that you’re trying to grow and then it tells you let’s get started.
So this is my lead generation and then once you do that you’re just gonna go ahead and click where it says give me your email for access and then I’ll email you access to the app and once you have access to the app you can log in through here.

They also have a WordPress website so since they’re hosting with me they can access it here, their social media facebook and google ads, reporting reviews and then their emails and also listings make sure you use making use of listings online. That’s awesome for S. E. O. , so that’s what my app looks like.

I built this up specifically for business owners so that you get to see you want to know what’s going on and sometimes you need more help somewhere and that is where I can help you.
So this one’s awesome too with you,

This is like a technology to pretty much get branded videos, so you’re gonna want to step up video, that’s what I’ve been doing lately, I have to step it up even more…

One more thing Done- For- You content, that’s how you do things faster too done for you content.

So you can look it up on google, google any of “your keyword” plus that “done-for-you content” and then you’re gonna get some examples of what you get with this is you get a social media post that you can just put your logo on there, you can get articles, I do suggest you still go through them and then add your perspective, Change some wordings, you want it to be different than other people’s, you can also get E books, you can get a lot of something called private label, right, look into that, you’re gonna love me for that one.

Even workbooks, you can sell it on amazon like I do and and make more money. This is just more passive income that you can make.

That is my pretty much my process to build funnels much faster… Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to message me any questions!


With my Business Growth app on your phone and me as a partner, you can take your business from great to Amazing so much faster.


Let’s get to it! Here’s how to reach out:

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