If you’re feeling tapped out in the Marketing aspect of your business because you’re wearing so many other hats in your business already – I get completely get you.

I also tried to do everything myself at first, and quite frankly, people see through that. It also led to constant burnout, feast & famine, inconsistent income, sleepless nights, all the things ??


But once you make your business growth a priority by deciding to go all in, you realize that it really does take a little bit more to go the extra mile.


Get Your Brand Out There, Exposure = Opportunity

It’s always a good idea to get out there for networking. Also attending workshops and seminars specifically on marketing will put you in a good place to make connections. They are great for exposure, all while traveling, connecting, learning and networking.

Local networking really is a great starting place because competition is smaller than in the online space. You connect with people authentically and they see the PERSON behind the brand. This makes a much better impression, leading to easier to build trust.

Meet  ->  Like  ->  Trust  ->  Buy

I like to make things as simple as possible for you to feel more confident it can be done.

Also consider attending webinars to learn new strategies, going through my guides in this blog and conferences such as Content Marketing World to get to the point where you’ve done all you can.

Learning about social media marketing is always a good idea, even if you plan to outsource this task. People always want the option to connect with others when they need to. Putting a face and personality behind the brand gives it that much more credibility.

Don’t be afraid to show yourself and be present in the conversations. There’s always something to learn and better ways of doing things.


Getting Help With Marketing

At this point however, you might be looking for more professional help other than what you’ve been able to put together on your own in your spare time. Make sure the person or agency you are considering have earned marketing certifications and experience in your specific industry. In my 15+ years of experience in Sales, I’ve worked in industries such as Finance, Wellness, Coaching, Beauty, Fashion, Real Estate, Services. I also hold 3 degrees as well as 2 Professional Marketing Certifications, so my clients know they’re working with a Pro.

If you are ready to partner up with someone you can trust me to help you get your business to the next level.


Imagine being able to pull away a bit more from the tasks you don’t WANT to do, to focus on what you LOVE to do instead. To finally be able to spend time with the ones you love without so many worries and constant stress. Let me know if you are ready, so we can get started ASAP


Hand of businessman using laptop with icon social media and social network. Online marketing concept


Crafting the right marketing plan

The next important parts are:

  1. Setting a budget
  2. Researching the right partner to help you
  3. Crafting the perfect content strategy to get you where the next best clients are searching for your solution
  4. Creating a winning sales funnel
  5. Get more leads & sales to scale

– THIS is the stuff of many business owner’ nightmares, what leads to procrastination in taking the next step.

If you’re in a similar position, take the time to stop thinking about your Product/Service and think about the transformation it provides.

Stop focusing on the product or service itself so much.

It’s wiser to instead move on to focus on what you are doing to get more customers in the door (or on your website/calendar). If you take the time to organize your tasks and get to work on what will lead to more customers coming in the door, your ‘Marketing strategy’ will be much more effective.

Getting things done working on my own business, even I have had to outsource a couple tasks before. I run in a few circles – Marketing & Sales which are my superpower, but I’m a strong believer that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. This allows the business to get the most benefit from the work towards their brand. When you work with me you get access to a high-quality, no broken promises Expert.


Evaluating Marketing Services

Managing your business, a small team and handling marketing for a growing business takes a lot of time for the owner. It can be overwhelming to think about all the tools you need to add to your toolkit, in addition to all the infrastructure to make sure things run smoothly.

If you’re still searching for a little help with growing your business, I’ve got you covered. ?☑️

If hiring someone to help with growing your business has crossed your mind, keep reading to get an idea of what these professionals do and what types of services you may be looking for. Thinking of hiring a marketing agency for help growing your business? or even design and social media marketing – here’s how you can do it.

One question many like you are asking: should I hire a Marketing Agency to grow my small business?

There is no simple answer that fits all, but Marketing Agencies tend to have large teams, expenses and many projects. That means the cost to hire them WILL be rather high. For a small business owner barely making sales, this is hard to justify.

My recommendation is wait until you have done all you can organically (aka: investing your own time) and that you have a high sales Conversion Rate (aka: lots of your leads turn to sales) so that your business really does benefit from that investment, no matter what type of ‘specialization’ the agency has.

I have a checklist that helps you get clear on what steps to take to establish the main parts of your business, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check off completely BEFORE investing in any Marketing Agency.

You can get that here: Business Basics Checklist


Deciding what’s the best pace for you

Choosing where to grow your company, and how to do it – is hard work. I’ll share with you my personal journey for the best way for you to be successful – but know that it takes time, focus and action. I didn’t start my business expecting instant growth or instant success, so there is absolutely no shame in hitting a wall – and knowing it’s okay.

Back when I was in college I started freelancing as a Virtual Assistant while still studying Behavioral Studies, learning how to design websites and programming computer tech. I helped struggling small business owners for free while I tested what I learned in school vs. theories I had about rising technology and changes in consumer behavior. I wasn’t in it to make money at first, but it was not considered a business then – more like a hobby.

After graduating and going into corporate, I got a preview of what makes those successful companies so great and started working on refining my strategies.

When Coronavirus suddenly hit and I found myself sitting at home with the kids along with millions of shuttered small businesses, I realized it was time I take my work seriously and apply what I had learned to help save them.

Local economies depend on small businesses – and so do the families of their owners & employees. It was my time to push to 110% growth effort for my own business and be the light for others too.

Yes I slowed down, took breaks when my father passed and then again when my mother-in-law passed. However, the beauty of having your own business is that it moves at the pace you are ready. As long as you are not afraid to take that next best step.

So, take it one step at a time and you’ll soon find yourself moving along.


Don’t Compare Your Journey to Others’, Your Success is Your Own

What we’ve come to know as the ‘overnight success’ is actually a myth. You don’t know how many years that person you are admiring for making $10k in a day has worked for, how much they spent in ads for that, and how much of it they actually took home in PROFIT.

So don’t give up too soon, you might be on the brink of accelerating your own success!

As long as you decide to take action, instead of being stuck on the problem. Do what you can every single day and make the commitment TO YOURSELF to be successful. No matter what life throws at you.

Take the time to think about the transformation your product or service provides. When was the last time you got straight to the core of your product and saw how it changed lives? What feelings did the want from that? What problems are they trying to conquer? It takes time, patience and thoughtful planning to figure it out but once you do it makes a huge difference in sales.

Whenever you are ready, I would love to help you figure it out.


Getting the most out of your investment

There are a lot of things that go into running a business. Marketing your business has the ability to expand your revenue tremendously – if you spend it wisely. It’s also the aspect of your business that shouldn’t require so much out of your time. That’s why I built the ‘Elevate Your Brand’ app, an invite-only Sales Optimization app for business owners that want to scale faster.


Did you max out your time and/or knowledge and want to scale to the next level but not sure how?

You’re not alone! Entrepreneurs everywhere are going through the same challenge as you.

The last thing you want to do is let your competitor use these tools to scale faster than you.


For the most part, you DIY what you can… It feels like you work 24/7, you make the company phone calls, the posts, you even make pizza runs for the team. It’s easy to see how entrepreneurs get behind on their marketing efforts and ultimately run out of steam. But you don’t have to anymore.

You can have ONE APP for your social media inbox, reviews, lead gen, sales, text and email communication.


Get Help From a Pro Whenever You Need It

You’ll even have access to me to answer any Marketing or Business Development questions you may have easily from directly within the App. Once you’re ready to scale and finally outsource the work to a Pro, you can do so at your own pace with my DIY and Done-For-You Programs.



There are a ton of services out there that are marketing-specific, and it’s not uncommon to need help. Rushing to a Marketing Agency might have you overextending your budget before you’re ready. You’ll be just another one of their hundreds of clients. (It once took me more than 2 weeks to get an email back from an agency about a very important issue for a client!) Actually, most of my clients come to me after wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars on agencies.

Hopefully, this gave you a solid overview of what you need to know to get to the next level. With my Business Growth app on your phone and me as a partner, you can take your business from great to Amazing so much faster.


Let’s get to it! Here’s how to reach out:

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