Exclusive Mastermind for Wellness Experts


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Unlock the Next Level of Success

The program for confident, high-achieving Wellness Professionals taking their business to the ultimate level of success.

Immerse yourself into the exact uplevel experience to help you become known as the Go-To Expert in your industry, get recognition in your community and make valuable connections that will boost your brand’s exposure.


The Alpha-Level Mastermind

a High-Level team of 7 professionals in the Wellness Industry

(US-Based businesses only)


Surround yourself with others on your level and as inspired as you to go from being a Pro to being recognized as the Expert in their field.

  • Do you feel like your personal friends and family don’t really get you when you talk to them about business?
  • Do you have a feeling that if only you connected with higher-level people in the same industry that ARE NOT your competitor you’d get better contracts, clients, more sales and exposure?
  • Do you miss connecting with co-workers that actually get your jokes? (being a biz owner could get a bit lonely unless you have kids/pets to keep you busy all day)


Surround yourself with the limitless, become unstoppable.
  • You’ll get access to my exclusive list of PR Media connections
  • Access to list of 20+ influencers (paid and free) that WANT to post about your business
  • Weekly exclusive Action Plan Meetings to get you crushing goals
  • 8-week program to Completely Automate & Scale your business
  • Voice-search enabled Landing page or App design & launch campaign included
  • BONUS CHALLENGE REWARD: Personal Wellness & Relaxation Retreat (aka: vacation getaway) 3-night Hotel stay to the city of your choice to unwind after you slay your business & income goals 🌴🎯

So what you waiting for ? Once we reach the 7 members the round closes for 2021

This is your only chance to link up with the network that will help you reach your goals so much faster & join the only Wolf Pack of Alpha Business Owners like you. 

See you on the next level.


It’s time to step into the you that you were meant to be. Unlock the next level with a squad that’s got your back. 🔥


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